The Best Tingle Tanning Lotion – Our Top 10 Picks

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To keep your skin looking, and feeling healthy, both during after the tanning process, you need to invest in a good tingle tanning lotion.

In this guide we’ve set out everything you need to know before buying one, from the types of lotion available, and the best products around, to our top tips on how to use them and your most frequently asked questions.

Let’s dive right in…

The Best Tingle Tanning Lotion

Our Top 10 Picks

We’ve bumped this section up to a Top 13 review as we found three more products we like.  Lucky you!  Here are the pros and cons of each:

Best All Round Option

1. Tanovations By Ed Hardy Body Shots Doubleshot Extreme Hot Tingle

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

best tingle tanning lotion

Ed Hardy’s Body Shots Doubleshot tingle tanning lotion contains both natural and cosmetic bronzers that help you achieve darkening results instantly.

This popular lotion contains high amounts of DHA to help produce an intense bronzing pigment that is effective even on the fairest skin tones.

It also contains a combination of Quad Tyrosine Blend and MelanoBronze which stimulate the production of melanin in your skin to help speed up the tanning process.

This ensures your tan stays for longer than it normally would.

What sets this tingle lotion apart from most others is that it’s been formulated using advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6TM which tightens your skin, delaying the onset of wrinkles.

We also loved the ‘sparkling citrus’ fragrance this lotion leaves on the skin.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It’s deeply pigmented
  • It offers instant results
  • It contains ingredients that tighten skin and delay wrinkles
  • It offers professional grade results at an affordable price
  • It has a refreshing, pleasant scent

Things We Don’t Like

  • The tingling sensation can be a bit intense for those with sensitive skin
  • It can stain if not applied evenly

Tanovations Body Shots Doubleshot by Ed Hardy is a quality tingle tanning lotion that boasts all of the key features of a professional grade tanning lotion, at an affordable price.  While we wouldn’t recommend it for those with extra sensitive skin, it’s a great product for a quick tanning session.  The number one best-seller.

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Runner Up

2. Devoted Creations White 2 Black Tingle

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

devoted creations white 2 black tingleDevoted Creations White 2 Black tingle tanning lotion gives you instant darkening results and leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother.

So easy to use, with just one application you’ll find your skin appear sup to two or three shades darker.

This lotion has been blended using multiple accelerating agents that help boost the production of melanin in your skin, and hence speed up the tanning process.

White 2 Black achieves all of this without any bronzer in its formula.  Instead it uses black tea and cranberry extracts which have proved to be very effective.

The addition of these extracts also helps to keep your skin hydrated, which in turn means your tan lasts for longer.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It’s perfect for sensitive skin types with its gentle ingredients
  • It gives quick results which are long-lasting
  • It’s very well suited to beginners as it’s easy to use
  • It has a subtle yet pleasant fragrance
  • It pigments skin without bronzer

Things We Don’t Like

  • The formula may be a bit subtle for those who want a strong tingling sensation

Devoted Creations White 2 Black missed out on our top spot only because it’s not the strongest tingling lotion.  Apart from that, we love how moisturizing this formula is and the rich tan it can give you.  Highly Recommended.

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Best Value

3. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Tanning Lotion

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Tanning LotionSwedish Beauty’s Pink Diamond Tingle Tanning Lotion is created using a T2 tingle formula that increases the level of oxygen in your skin.

This not only helps your skin tan faster, but also results in a deeper, longer-lasting tan.

This lotion contains Carat Complex which is a bronzing combination that helps bring out the color of your tingle with an underlying darker tone.

The addition of caffeine and allantoin help to refresh and energize your skin cells to give you a glowing complexion.

Now who wouldn’t want that? And at a great price tag, too!

What we loved the most about this lotion is that it works well with any skin tone and helps soothe irritated skin.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It fades into a natural looking brown as the tingle settles in
  • It’s gentle on sensitive skin types
  • It’s highly pigmented and a little of this lotion goes a long way
  • It doesn’t stain easily
  • It’s reasonably priced

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • The tingle might not be strong enough for regular tanners
  • The after scent won’t appeal to everyone

Swedish Beauty’s Pink Diamond Tingle Tanning Lotion is an easily affordable, quality product that provides just the right amount of tingle.  It’s a great choice for beginners and those who want value for money.  This lotion is both easy to use and deeply pigmented.

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4. Brown Sugar Spicy Black Chocolate Tingle Bronzer

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Brown Sugar SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE Tingle BronzerBrown Sugar Spicy Black Chocolate Tingle Bronzer is an advanced bronzing formula that contains deep bronzers to help you achieve a dramatic, intensely dark tanning effect.

This ‘spicy’ tingle also contains dark chocolate extracts that nourish your skin from the inside out.

The potent antioxidants in this lotion help to bring out the natural glow in your skin.

It’s fairly gentle on your skin, and we’d recommend this lotion for highly experienced tanners as it helps maintain the tone and health of skin.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It gives skin a rich, beautiful tan
  • The strength of the formula is perfect for advanced tanners
  • It leaves skin radiant and nourished
  • It has a delicious scent
  • It’s a professional grade product suited to indoor tanning

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • It’s not suitable for beginners
  • It takes some time to take effect

Brown Sugar Spicy Black Chocolate Tingle Bronzer is a strong formula that provides a good tingle, but makes sure to nourish your skin and soothe it as well.  Not for newbies.

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5. Devoted Creations Ignite Noir Hot Tingle Bronzer

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Devoted Creations IGNITE NOIR Hot Tingle BronzerDevoted Creations Ignite Noir Hot Tingle Bronzer is a formula that’s the first of its kind to create what it describes as a ‘hot action tingle’.

This unique formula can impart an intense, rich pigment that would please even the most experienced of tanners.

This oxygen enhanced formula ensures that your color appears radiant and healthy over the the tingle.

The black bronzers effectively neutralize the reddening effect caused by the high concentration of tingling.

You’ll find that this formula helps cover up the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing as well.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It’s a strong formula perfect for experienced tanners
  • It works very well with just one use
  • It helps gloss over the signs of ageing
  • It provides near  instant results
  • The lotion spreads quite easily

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • It tends to streak if not applied carefully
  • It doesn’t wash off easily

Devoted Creations Ignite Noir Hot Tingle Bronzer has deeply pigmented bronzers that can help you achieve a perfect, healthy looking tan.  Since the tingling effect with this lotion is quite intense, we wouldn’t recommend it for those of you with sensitive skin.

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6. Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

ed hardy obnoxious extreme bronzer tingle tanning lotionEd Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion has a ‘sizzling tingle’ especially designed for experienced tanners.

This formula contains hemp seed oil that is a great moisturizing agent which leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

The rich antioxidants in this formula also help combat the visible signs of ageing and hence slow down your skin’s natural ageing process.

You’ll be sure to find your skin warming and reddening quite shortly after application.

This lotion also contains vitamins C and E that help repair and rejuvenate even extremely dry and damaged skin.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It warms and reddens skins almost instantly
  • The tan looks quite natural
  • It smells great and doesn’t leave an unpleasant after scent
  • The redness wears off fairly quickly
  • The color is quite intense and long lasting

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • It’s not suitable for those with allergy prone skin
  • It does tend to stain hands if not washed off immediately

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion moisturizes skin and helps it stay soft during and after the tanning process. We would definitely not recommend this lotion to those who have sensitive or allergy prone skin though.

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7. Hula Hottie Advanced 200X Volcanic Island Bronzer

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Hula Hottie Advanced 200X Volcanic Island Hot BronzerHula Hottie Advanced Tanning Lotion is especially designed for advanced tanners due to its strong tingle.

Once the tingling sensation begins to fade, you’ll notice your skin slowly developing a gorgeous, warm bronze colour.

This tanning lotion is a really deep shade of brown and we recommend you be cautious with the quantity you slather on.

The rose hip in the formula is what gives it the darkest of dark brown pigment.

What we like the most about this tingle is its delicious coconut and orange vanilla fragrance.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It’s perfect for experienced tanners with its strong tingle
  • It’s well suited to pale skin tones as it’s a warm, dark brown
  • It fades well into a beautiful shade of brown
  • A little of this lotion goes a long way
  • It’s priced reasonably for what it offers

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • It’s not suitable for beginners at all
  • It’s much darker than most tanning lotions

Hula Hottie Advanced Tanning Bed Lotion is a real steal for advanced tanners who are both regular and adventurous in their tanning efforts.  Beginners should avoid this one however.

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8. Millennium Tanning Insanely Black Dark Tingle Formula

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Millenium Tanning insanely black mega tingle formulaMillennium’s Insanely Black Tingle Formula is an ultra-dark tanning lotion that can leave your skin looking a rich, dark bronze.

This lotion achieves this with the help of a silicone emulsion blend.

You’ll find your skin tanned and bronzed in just a few minutes with minimum preparation.

This tingle lotion contains ingredients that help increase skin’s microcirculation to produce a desirable tan.

It also contains blackberry and citrus extracts that not only smell great but help rejuvenate your skin as well.

One of the best features of this lotion is its consistency, which is silky smooth and easy to apply.

Things We Like About This Product

  • The consistency is great and it’s very to use
  • The tan is quite rich and dark
  • The tingle is intense and well suited to experienced tanners
  • It takes effect fairly quickly
  • The color fades well and it doesn’t have an unpleasant after scent

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • It’s not suitable for those with sensitive skin
  • The tan may be a little too dark for those with pale skin

Millennium’s Insanely Black Tingle Formula is a very smooth, easy to use product that is among the darkest bronzers on the market.  However, it’s definitely not suited to beginners.

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9. Tanovations Coming In Hot Thermal Active Black Bronzer

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Tanovations COMING IN HOTTanovations Coming In Hot Thermal Active Black Bronzer contains detoxifying black charcoal and black tea extracts that help get rid of impurities from the skin during the tanning process.

Now, that’s something not all tanning lotions can boast!

The thermal active tingle additives in this formula help to stimulate the flow of oxygen in your skin to give you a dark, long-lasting tan.

The fruity antioxidants in this tingle help absorb to oil from your skin and keep blemishes at bay.

This also ensures the lotion spreads easily and doesn’t get too greasy.

The fragrance is fresh and fruity as well.

Things We Like About This Product

  • The tingle is quite mild and well suited to beginners
  • It’s very affordable
  • It doesn’t stain or streak easily
  • The redness fades into a warm bronze color
  • It has a pleasant, fruity scent

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • The tingle may not be strong enough for advanced tanners
  • It isn’t as long-lasting as it claims to be

Tanovations Coming In Hot Thermal Active Black Bronzer is one of the most affordable, mild tingle tanning lotions on the shelves.  While it might not be first choice for experienced tanners, we’d say for the price tag it’s got something for everyone.

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10. Fuel My Fire Super Sizzling Black Bronzing Lotion

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

fuel my fire super sizzling black bronzing lotionFuel My Fire Super Sizzling Black Bronzing Lotion is a tanning lotion that contains various antioxidants and vitamins that help nourish your skin and keep it hydrated.

The hydration mainly comes from the addition of hemp seed oil that is known to be a great natural moisturizing agent.

This lotion is designed using ‘super sizzling black bronzers’ that are made with high levels of DHA along with both natural and cosmetic bronzers.

All of these great ingredients combined help provide a long-lasting tan which makes it worth the above average price tag.

A unique feature of this lotion is that it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, making your skin look smoother and firmer.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It has quite an intense tingle
  • The sharp tingling sensation fades into a warm, pleasant feeling
  • It has a great scent
  • It contains some great hydrating ingredients
  • The tan is not too dark and not too light either

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • It’s not very suitable for extra sensitive skin as the tingle is quite hot
  • It’s pricey compared to most indoor tanning lotions

Fuel My Fire Super Sizzling Black Bronzing Lotion is well designed to help you achieve a dark but not too dark tan that’s suited to even the palest of skin tones.  The tingle may be a little too hot for those with sensitive skin, and beginners giving it a try should be careful.

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11. Supre Tan Candy Sweet Berry Apple Sizzle Triple Dark Tingle Bronzing Crème

Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars (3.1 / 5)

Supre Tan Candy SWEET BERRY APPLE SIZZLE Triple Dark Tingle Bronzing CrémeSupre Tan Candy Sweet Berry Apple Sizzle tanning lotion has the consistency of a crème and contains a good amount of DHA to help maintain a long lasting tan.

This crème contains Cane and Sweet Oil to help keep your skin feeling silky smooth and nourished.

This formula also contains berry extracts and color enhancers that allow you to achieve a flawless finish.

The tan with this lotion is more golden brown that dark brown which is why it’s recommend for paler skin types.

What impresses us the most regarding this tanning lotion is the tiny price tag.

However, some users aren’t too pleased with the sharp chemical scent that’s a task to get rid of.

Things We Like About This Product

  • The tingle is very mild and ideal for beginners
  • It’s very reasonably priced
  • The consistency is smooth and spreads easily
  • It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • The tan lasts fairly long

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • It has a rather harsh, chemical scent that doesn’t fade easily
  • It can stain clothes if you’re not careful

Supre Tan Candy Sweet Berry Apple Sizzle is a very affordable option for those who don’t have much experience with the tanning process as it’s very easy to use.  However, the scent may be a turn off for some.

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12. Supre Hot Caramel Apple Ultra Dark Tingle Bronzer 15X Lotion

Rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Supre - Hot Caramel Apple Ultra Dark Tingle BronzerSupre Hot Caramel Apple Ultra Dark Tingle Bronzer is a rich, creamy lotion that’s both warm and dark.

If you’re looking for a fairly warm tanning lotion at an affordable price that can give you a rich bronze color, then this is the product for you.

The apple extracts and caffeine in this formula help rejuvenate and firm your skin.

This lotion fades from a deep bronze to a beautiful golden color eventually.

The blend of natural bronzers and DHA darkens skin after UV exposure for an instant, deep tan.

Things We Like About This Product

  • It provides near instant results
  • It has some great natural ingredients
  • The tan fades beautifully
  • It’s easily affordable
  • It leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • It can leave sensitive skin feeling itchy and irritated
  • It doesn’t have a lot of tingle for a tingle lotion

Supre Hot Caramel Apple Ultra Dark Tingle Bronzer is an affordable alternative to most quality tanning lotions on the market and we think it does a lot for that price.  Even though it doesn’t have much of a tingle, it’s still not entirely suitable for those with sensitive skin as it contains chemicals that could irritate.

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13. Pro Tan Hot Tottie Hot Action Tanning Lotion

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Pro Tan Hot Tottie Hot Action Tanning LotionPro Tan Hot Tottie Hot Action Tanning Lotion has a medium amount of tingle that doesn’t last very long before it fades into a rosy, golden shade of brown.

This formula contains vitamins A, C and E to help keep your skin moisturized and glowing during and after the tanning process.

It also contains a combination of mango extracts and shea butter for maximum nourishment and smooth, blemish-free skin.

The heat and tingle in this formula is sure to leave your skin looking and feeling radiant from the inside out.

We’d recommend this lotion for those who’d like some real value for money as it offers a fair amount for the asking price.

Things We Like About This Product

  • The tan is a lovely shade of golden brown with a rosy tinge
  • The tan is not very strong and is suitable for beginners
  • It’s very reasonably priced
  • The tan is quite long-lasting with the help of some natural ingredients
  • It has a pleasantly warm cinnamon like scent

Things We Don’t Like About This Product

  • The formula might not be strong enough for advanced tanners
  • The consistency of the lotion can leave skin feeling a bit greasy

Pro Tan Hot Tottie Hot Action Tanning Lotion is an above average tingle tanning lotion that would be ideal for beginners looking to experiment with tingle tanning.

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So, What’s The Best Tingle Tanning Lotion Then?

We constantly change our reviews as we com across new products all the time.

However, at the time of writing our pick for best tingle tanning lotion is Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot.  Our runner up is Devoted Creations White 2 Black Tingle Tanning Lotion.  And our recommendation for the best bang for your buck is Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion.


Our Top Pick

gold medalTanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot is an impressive formula that contains a high amount of DHA to help you achieve darkening results almost instantly.

We found this product’s best features to be its rich, deep pigment and near – instant results.

We also loved the addition of skin tightening ingredients that effectively delay the visible signs of the ageing process along with its refreshing, appealing scent.

What we didn’t exactly love about this lotion is that it tends to stain paler skin types which can make the tan look more unnatural than it ordinarily would.


Runner Up

silver medalDevoted Creations White 2 Black tanning lotion not only tans your skin quickly and effectively, but makes it look and feel softer and smoother as well.

This lotion contains natural extracts rather than bronzers to increase the production of melanin in your skin and make it appear 2 – 3 shades darker.

Furthermore, the inclusion of hydrating ingredients in its formula allows this tanning lotion to spread easily and last longer as well.

Those with sensitive skin types will find this lotion to be gentle and hydrating though we can’t say it will satisfy experienced tanners.


Best Value

bronze medalSwedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion contains special ingredients that help enhance the colour of your tingle and give your tan a dark base.

The ingredients (such as caffeine) in this lotion can refresh and rejuvenate your skin as well which in turn will make it glow from the inside out.

Though the tingle may not be strong enough for advanced tanners, we’d say it’s ideal for beginners and those wanting a more natural – looking tan.

Not only is this lotion reasonably – priced, it spreads easily and is highly pigmented which means you needn’t use a lot of it to achieve your desired results.


Types Of Tanning Lotions

checklistEven though this article focuses mainly on tingle tanning lotions, you’ll find that many lotions we’ve reviewed below combine elements from more than one type of tanning lotion.

We’ll now go through the most common types of tanning lotions available today to help you make sense of the many options before you:


Tingle Tanning Lotions

Tingle tanning lotions are probably the most common type of tanning lotion used by experts and amateurs alike.

These lotions are characterized by a sharp tingling sensation followed by redness on the areas to which they are applied.

You’ll find tingle tanning lotions being used in homes and salons for quick tanning sessions.

Mainly, these lotions rely on powerful ingredients such as Methyl Nicotinate and Benzyl Nicotinate that help increase microcirculation and the flow of oxygen in your skin cells.

These ingredients, coupled with exposure to UV radiation accelerate the tanning process and make your tan deeper and last longer.

Beginners just starting their tanning journey are advised to be careful with tingle tanning lotions as more often than not these are strong formulas that end up burning the skin.


Maximizer Tanning Lotions

Maximizer or Accelerator tanning lotions are best – suited to beginners and those wanting to try out indoor rather than salon tanning treatments.

These lotions are generally loaded with more moisturizing and hydrating ingredients than most other tanning solutions in the market.

Among these ingredients you’ll be sure to find essential oils, black or white tea extract, shea butter etc.

The entire tanning process is enhanced by good hydration and adequate moisture and these lotions really help you create a great natural – looking base for your tan regardless of what colour it may be.

Due to the presence of hydrating ingredients, these lotions are generally gentle on the skin and help your tan last longer as well.



Though it may sound odd, bronzers are considered tanning lotions as well.

These lotions, as you may have guessed, offer the darkest shades compared to all other tanning lotions.

These lotions generally contain DHA which is a carbohydrate known to produce brown pigment once it comes in contact with your skin.

While bronzers don’t trigger the production of melanin in your skin, they help you achieve an impressive, golden – bronze tan.

Tans created by bronzing lotions generally last anywhere between 1 – 2 weeks during which they fade into lighter and lighter shades of golden – brown.

Apart from DHA bronzers, there are also natural bronzer tanning lotions in the market which contain only organic, herbal extracts.

Unlike DHA bronzers, natural bronzers usually produce instant results but don’t last nearly as long.

Costlier natural bronzers may even contain exotic extracts that could boost melanin production in your skin to make your tan appear more natural and ensure that it spreads easily.


Things To Consider

magnifying glassChoosing the right tingle tanning lotion to suit your needs can be quite a task even if you are an experienced tanner.

To make said task less cumbersome and more hassle – free, we’ve compiled a short list of factors that’ll help you come to a fruitful decision:


Skin Type

Coarse or rough skin types would make the best candidates for tingle tanning lotions.

These skin types would be ideal since tingle tanning lotions often contain harsh ingredients and can really end up burning sensitive skin types.

Even though these lotions are really only meant to tingle, they can really spell trouble for most beginners as the tingling can quickly transition to stinging and end up being a more painful process than you’ve bargained for.

Along with those having sensitive skin, these lotions aren’t really for anyone with a low pain tolerance either.

These lotions are also great for those with tattoos as these can slow down if not prevent them from fading.

The same can’t be said for tanning beds and natural exposure to UV rays as these – more often than not – end up fading your tan faster than you’d like.



As mentioned in the ‘Types Of Tingle Tanning Lotions’ section, the kind of lotion you pick mainly depends on the ingredients that have gone into making it.

Most of these lotions contain strong ingredients such as DHA that increase oxygen supply in your skin cells and accelerate the tanning process.

However, a lot of tingle tanning lotions (including some we’ve reviewed above) actually use more natural ingredients such as plant extracts and essential oils.

Lotions with these ingredients can help you achieve the same results as their chemical – infested counterparts which make them a wise choice for those wanting to protect their skin.

Some tingle tanning lotions even contain caffeine and anti – ageing ingredients that claim to slow down the appearance of visible signs of ageing on your skin.

We definitely we wouldn’t recommend lotions containing caffeine though as it can be absorbed easily by your body.


Tanning Goal

Now it may sound a bit odd but a major factor that could determine which tingle tanning lotion will suit your needs is the occasion you’re planning on using it for.

For instance, do you want a tan just for one day or event and require quick results?

Do you want a more subtle, natural – looking tan to carry through your day – to – day activities?

Do you have a fading tan and you only need to refresh it?

Based on the aforementioned needs, you’ll have to choose a tanning lotion to give you your desired results.

For instance, if you simply want an easy – to – achieve, day – long tan, you’d be better off choosing a tingle tanning lotion with natural or artificial bronzer.

These lotions usually also contain accelerators such as DHA that will help you achieve near – instant results.

On the other hand, if you want a more natural – looking, subtle tan you should opt for intensifiers as these don’t contain any bronzers and have hydrating, nourishing ingredients instead.

Intensifiers are generally packed with naturals ingredients meant to accelerate your body’s melanin creation to give you a healthy base tan.


Tips And Tricks

tips and tricksSince we’ve gone through some basic factors that could determine which tanning lotion you invest in, let’s now have a look at some basic tips and tricks that could enhance your tanning experience:


Exfoliate And Shave

You want the smoothest, silkiest skin for your tanning process to go well.

No one wants a tanning lotion to streak as this can be a real pain in the neck to clean up and not to mention the amount of lotion you’d be wasting!

So, hours before you tan, make sure you shower, exfoliate and shave the areas you’d like to target.

Make sure you work your way through all dead skin cells with mild soap and cleanser (preferably oil – free) with a loofah or body brush.

We’d recommend you stay away from scrubs or cleansers that have too much salt or sugar in them as these can stay on your skin for hours together and form a barrier that would prevent your skin from absorbing the lotion.


Use Gloves

This should be a no – brainer but not using gloves can end up staining your fingers and palms and leave you with more than you bargained for.

Most tanning lotions (particularly tingle tanning lotions) are strong formulas that are meant to last for weeks and the last thing you’d want is your palms to look unnaturally bronzed.

Powder – free gloves (typically made of latex) will not only protect your hands but help you apply the lotion smoothly as well.


Follow The Instructions

Not every tingle tanning lotion is created equal – (as highlighted in earlier sections) they can differ in terms of formulation, strength etc.

Therefore, you may need to take extra precautions or slightly modify your application process based on what instructions accompany the lotion you’ve purchased.

These instructions generally include tanner experience, wait time before you can safely wear clothes without staining them, wait time before you shower, etc.

Do not use any tanner not designed for the face on your face or you could cause some serious damage.

Even if you do get your hands on a facial tanner, make sure you pair it with a light moisturizer and apply it very slowly and gently.


For additional tips and tricks on how to choose the right tingle tanning lotion, you can refer to the following video:




q & aQ – What Exactly Is A Tingle Tanning Lotion?

A – Tingle tanning lotions – you guessed it – give your skin a tingling sensation immediately or a few minutes after you apply them.

These lotions are also known as indoor tanning lotions and can leave you with a mild, relaxing tingle or a full – fledged stinging sensation.

The strength of this tingling sensation varies from formula to formula and you’d be ill advised to pick one without checking how strong it is first.

With the help of DHA or other natural ingredients, tingle tanning lotions increase the production of melanin in your skin to make it appear darker.

Even the mildest of tingle tanning lotions are too strong to be used on your face as the skin on your face is too sensitive and you may end up irreversibly damaging your skin if you do.


Q – Can I Use A Tingle Tanning Lotion?

A – There is no definitive answer to this question because whether or not you use a tingle tanning lotion really depends on more than one factor.

Firstly, you have to consider whether or not you’d want to risk getting a tan done by yourself if you’re used to getting it done professionally as these can offer vastly different results.

Next, you’ll have to determine whether or not your skin type will be able to handle a tingle tanning lotion.

For instance, these lotions are generally not suited to extremely sensitive or pale skin types unless the lotion you want to opt for specifically mentions otherwise.

Beginners and those with sensitive skin should use very mild formulas with natural, hydrating ingredients and perform a patch test before slathering on the lotion everywhere.


Q – Is Indoor Tanning Harmful?

A – Yes, indoor tanning can be harmful for health.

This is mainly if you plan on using UV exposure to accelerate or enhance your tan after you’ve used a tanning lotion.

Using a tingle tanning lotion itself doesn’t really pose any serious health risks but may end up burning your skin or triggering allergic reactions if used incorrectly.

This is especially true for beginners who are looking to experiment with indoor tanning for the first time.

Furthermore, tingle tanning lotions also usually contain strong chemicals to help accelerate and maintain your tan and these can end up damaging your skin if used too frequently.

If you do find yoru self in trouble check out our sunburn aftercare guide.

Q – Can Tingle Lotion Make You Tan Faster?

A – Yes, as mentioned in previous sections, tingle tanning lotions contain ingredients that accelerate the tanning process.

These ingredients mainly include Benzyl Nicotinate, DHA and natural plant extracts (such as black tea extracts).

Together, these help increase your skin cells’ oxygenation and microcirculation to enable a deep, long – lasting tan to set in.

Tingle tanning lotions can be quite strong though and are not recommended for beginners or those with sensitive skin regardless of how badly you may need a quick tan.

You might like to take a look at our ultimate tanning guide.

Q – How Often Should I Use A Tingle Tanning Lotion?

A – The answer to this depends on how much prior experience you have as a tanner.

For instance, a beginner would need to use a tanning lotion far less often than an advanced tanner.

The more often you tan your skin, the more your skin becomes immune to tingle tanning and eventually starts to require more frequent tanning sessions.

Most tingle tanners or bronzers in the market can give you a tan that’ll last anywhere between 2 – 4 weeks before it really starts to fade.

A simple solution to this would be for advanced tanners to use stronger formulas to help maintain their tans.


Best Brands

star ratingThe following are a few brands that are considered the best in the industry and worthy of recommendation:


Ed Hardy

Founded by a tattoo artist from Southern California in the early 2000s, Ed Hardy now manufactures a wide variety of products ranging from clothing and accessories to perfumes and tanning lotions.

This company operates stores in various major cities around the world through sublicensing and diverse marketing techniques.

Over the past few years, Ed Hardy has re – launched in Europe to major success and continues to innovate and fulfil its commitment to creating edgy, quirky products that resonate with people all over the world.


Devoted Creations

Established in the year 2003, Devoted Creations has been providing tanning salons with top – quality lotions for nearly two decades.

They use only the best, freshest ingredients in their products as they are directly involved in each step of the manufacturing process from designing to bottling their products.

This allows the company a great degree of control over the quality of their products and ensures they maintain a loyal consumer base.


Swedish Beauty

Swedish Beauty prides itself on catering to the ‘most discerning tanners’ who desire only the best ingredients and results.

Founded in Sweden, this brand is committed to creating quality skincare products with a focus on using only wholesome ingredients for the same.

Swedish Beauty is a very popular brand among indoor tanners for their universal appeal and affordable price range.


Supre Tan

Established about 28 years ago by their parent company Sun Evolutions, Supre Tan is committed to offering salons and indoor tanners only the best performing tanning lotions.

Products from this label are created using the highest quality sun and skincare ingredients created using their unique, state of the art technology.

These products usually have innovative, eye – catching designs that appeal to a wide range of consumers’ needs and personal style sense.


Pro Tan

Founded in the year 1987, Pro Tan has enjoyed being one of the very best brand names in the tanning industry for over three decades.

Their tanning lotions are designed for everyone from body builders and bikini models to athletes and amateur tanners.

This brand is focused on creating tanning lotions that help define and enhance your body’s natural features to help you look your best with minimal effort.


Best Tingle Tanning Lotion – Wrapping It Up

Hopefully you now know everything you need to choose the best tingle tanning lotion for your your skin type and experience.

In our view Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot is definitely the best all round tingle tanning lotion out there right now.

best tingle tanning lotion

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It not only provides near-instant results, but ensures you have a deep, long-lasting tan as well.

An added bonus of this product is that it contains ingredients that help tighten your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing.

We found it to be best-suited to experienced tanners with not-so-pale skin types.  If you’re just starting out, perhaps try one of the others on our list before progressing to this one.

So, that’s that…

Happy tingling!






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