10 Great DIY Face Scrubs

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Looking For A DIY Face Scrub?

Have you ever tried to do a face scrub on your own and at home? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Face scrubs are easy to make and apply, and they are suitable and perfect for any skin type, as long as you use the right nourishing ingredients.  Here, we will explain to you the perks of a face scrub, and we will teach you how to create 10 different kinds, keep on reading!


What does it mean to exfoliate your skin?

diy face scubExfoliating is the shedding or peeling of your skin and from its upper layer. You will remove any dead skin cells from the surface and your skin will feel a lot softer, smoother, and you will look radiant and glowy afterward.

However, women should never over-exfoliate since this can remove and destroy your natural barriers. By removing and stripping your natural oils (healthy oils) you are exposing your skin to environmental toxins. You should protect your skin since over-exfoliation can also lead to damage, burnt skin, as well as redness. Here’s how often you should exfoliate, based on your age group:

  • If you are in your 20s do this step every 14 days
  • If you are in your 30s exfoliate your skin every 30 days
  • If you are in your 40s exfoliate your skin every 40 days
  • If you are in your 50s or 60s do this every other month (only 6 times a year)

However, if you are doing deep chemical peels & exfoliating treatments with a dermatologist and at a professional salon, the process may be a bit different. This can vary depending on your doctor, their recommendations, as well as your skin type. But if you are doing these on your own and at home, follow our rules & our advice, and stick to our recommended timeline!


What are the benefits of exfoliating your skin?

di face scrubThere are several different benefits when it comes to exfoliating your skin. You can exfoliate your entire body and your face, just as long as you use the right set of products and the right ingredients for your skin type. If you’re exfoliating your body, you can use specialized brushes and body loofas. If you are exfoliating your face, you can use high-tech brushes (battery operated ones) or you can use your fingers only! By doing any form of exfoliation, you are actually:

  • Giving your skin a brighter complexion
  • You are getting rid of any dead skin cells
  • You are stimulating the production of collagen
  • You are making your skin appear radiant
  • Your face or body products will easily and quickly sink into the skin since your outer layers are a lot more flexible & boosted


How to exfoliate your skin?

exfoliatingYou should apply your freshly purchased (or made) face scrub to washed & cleansed skin. You will massage the product with your fingers. By doing so, you are actually promoting a healthy blood flow while pushing all the nourishing ingredients into the skin, and you are removing the dead layers and placing them onto the surface. You should wash the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry your face. Afterward, you will add hydration and moisture to the skin by applying your favorite day or night cream! Finish off your skincare routine with an eye cream and let your skin rest from makeup for the next 12-hour period!


Top 10 DIY Face Scrubs And How To Make Them


1. Brown sugar face scrub – for any skin type

brown sugarBrown sugar is a wonderful and natural exfoliant that works wonders for any skin type. It is also super affordable and it smells soothing and it won’t break you out. You can use it in its raw form and on its own, or you can prepare a soothing & unique mixture.

  • You should mix 1/2 cup of brown sugar and also add 1/2 cup of any oil (almond, grape seed, coconut, jojoba – it is entirely up to you).
  • Combine these two into a mixing bowl and mix them with a spoon.
  • Apply the mixture to your face as it is, or you can let it cool down in your fridge for soothing & relaxing properties.
  • Rub the product in and rinse it out with lukewarm water.


2. Oatmeal scrub – for women with dry skin

oatmeal homemade face scrubOatmeal is a moisturizing ingredient that will soothe and calm down any drier skin types. If your skin is prone to dry patches and you want to eliminate them, go for this scrub. Also, you will adore the oatmeal scrub since it is affordable, found in almost every household + you can use it as a snack while you’re preparing the mixture!

  • You can mix 1/2 cup of uncooked oats, 2 tablespoons of honey, as well as 15 drops of lavender essential oil for that soothing feel and a romantic scent.
  • Mix all of them in with a wooden spoon and make sure that the consistency is not too runny or watery.
  • Rub the product in with your fingers and smear it sparingly over your entire face, just avoid the eye area.
  • Let the oatmeal sink into every pore and let it add moisture to your skin while removing any dry or rough patches.


3. Almond milk facial scrub – great for your body and face

almond milk face scrubIf you usually prefer and gravitate toward products that you can use for different reasons & multi-task with them, go for the almond milk scrub! You can create a hefty amount of product and store it in your pantry and re-use it whenever convenient for you. Also, you will love this scrub since it is easy to make + healthy!

  • Mix almond milk, milk powder, and use one spoon of bentonite clay (this will act as your scrub).
  • Use a larger spoon and mix these until you are left with a scrub-like consistency.
  • Store your created mixture in a larger bowl or a jar and make sure you put a seal on top of it so that the product doesn’t dry out.
  • Reapply it to your face and body whenever you’re in the mood for deep exfoliation.


4. Coffee and cocoa face scrub – great for puffy skin

coffee face scrubIf your skin needs some radiance and that morning (just like you do) make sure that you reach for coffee beans! You can also drink a coffee or two while you’re preparing your face scrub! A coffee scrub will brighten your complexion and will reduce any type of puffiness. Also, coffee is an amazing antioxidant, and it can do wonders for any skin type!

  • You should mix a 1/2 cup of coffee grounds and 2 tablespoons of hot water.
  • You can also add one tablespoon of warmed-up coconut oil to this mixture just so that the coffee scent doesn’t overpower your paste.
  • Mix these ingredients with a spoon and while the water is still hot.
  • Spoon the mixture into a container and let it cool off before you put it on your face.
  • You can apply a heavy amount of it and leave it on top for 2-3 minutes just because it may take a bit more time for coffee beans to penetrate your outer layer.


5. Pineapple & papaya – for any skin type (aside from super sensitive skin)

diy pineapple face scrubIf you are a fan of relaxing, soothing & tropical scents as well as fruits, you will love this duo! Also, if you usually eat sweet fruits and you live somewhere where these are easily accessible, make sure you prepare this scrub! Everyone in your household can use it (aside from people with red or sensitive skin). Both pineapple and papaya are natural exfoliants that will remove any impurities while boosting your skin with all the needed natural vitamins!

  • Cut two slices of pineapple and papaya into a dish.
  • Squeeze both of these fruits and get the juice that is in there (use around a tablespoon per fruit).
  • Add a tablespoon of oatmeal or sugar to get the scrub consistency.
  • Add some lukewarm water to the mixture and rub the paste to your face.


6. Rose petal flower scrub – for women who have blemishes

rose petal homemade face scrubEvery woman loves roses, and if you purchase flowers quite often for yourself, you will also easily create this scrub (and on a budget)! Roses are used in a lot of skincare items since they can reduce oils, fight blemishes, and give you an overall healthy glow. They are also soothing for your mind, body & soul due to their floral scent. If your skin is prone to breakouts just know that a flower petal can easily take care of that for you!

  • You should mix 1/2 of sweet almond oil with 2 chopped roses (preferably red roses).
  • Use 1 cup of granulated sugar.
  • Mix these with a spoon and spread the thick paste-like consistency with a knife.
  • Add the scrub to your skin and let the product remove any heavy oils from your surface before you wash it out.


7. Rice & egg exfoliating scrub – for women with oily and sensitive skin

riceEvery home has rice & eggs laying around in their kitchen, right? If you are on a budget yet you have oily or sensitive skin, you will love this scrub for your skin type! Eggs are naturally filled with protein and are used in a lot of hair-care products, while rice is great for skin discoloration and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • You should combine 2 tablespoons of brown rice.
  • Add one egg white to your mixture.
  • You should use a coffee grinder with this recipe and grind your brown rice grains until they are fine.
  • Only then add the egg white on top of it.
  • Massage this scrub into the skin by doing circular motions and rinse out with warm water to remove the leftover parts.


8. Sea salt diy face scrub – for women with oily and acne-prone skin types

sea salt diy face scrubSea salt is well-known for its antibacterial properties. It is also an affordable kitchen essential that should be available in every household. However, you shouldn’t use sea salt if your skin is super sensitive or prone to irritations. These scrubs can be a bit too abrasive for women who are easily irritated. Sea salt has no fragrance, but it can demolish any imperfections and reduce your oil production. However, you may want to add a soothing essential oil just to get some scent into your freshly made scrub.

  • Prepare around 1/2 cup of sea salt, and add 1/2 cup of oil of your choice.
  • You can also add 1/2 cup of any essential oil for that soothing scent.
  • Mix these thoroughly in a bowl. Once you are satisfied with its consistency, use a spoon, and pour it into a small container.


9. Green tea sugar scrub – for anti-inflammation & calming of your skin

green tea homemade face scrubIf you’ve ever been on any diet you’ve probably learned a thing or two about green tea, right? Green tea is rich in antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory properties that will help your skin heal & rejuvenate over time. Green tea will also balance out your skin while keeping it plump, hydrated & vibrant! If you have a bag or two at your house, make sure you go for this scrub and reduce any redness or inflammation with it!

  • Use 2 teabags and pour 1/2 cup of hot water into a bowl.
  • Add 1 cup of brown sugar to the mixture, and also add 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil for additional fragrance.
  • Once the tea cools down mix the rest of your ingredients.
  • Make sure that the sugar doesn’t dissolve and don’t let the mixture get too crumbly.
  • Pour your home made scrub into a bowl and use it once it has completely cooled down.


10. Adzuki bean scrub – for women with sensitive skin

adzuki bean face scrubIf you like simple & natural skincare items as well as products, you will adore the adzuki bean scrub paste! Adzuki beans are quite often used in Japan and they are found in a lot of skincare products. These are well-known for their rich nutrients such as fibers & protein, plus they are great for women who have sensitive skin. They are a bit more pricey than other beans, but they are worth the investment!

  • You should grind up one cup of adzuki beans in your blender or your coffee grinder.
  • Once your beans end up looking like cornmeal, they are good to go.
  • For ideal results, you should use organic adzuki beans!
  • Mix these with lukewarm water and add the scrub to your face.
  • Rinse out and let your skin breathe and rejuvenate!


Ready For The Smoothest Skin Ever?  Try A DIY Face Scrub!

And there you have it! Our top 10 picks when it comes to home-made simple and easy diy face scrubs. Which one is your favorite, and which one seems the easiest to create on your own and at home? Just make sure you go for the one that suits your skin type since not every scrub will perform the same. Also, all of these are budget-friendly, so let us know your favorite in the comments down below!



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