The Ultimate Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare Guide

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Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare – All You Need To Know

Women who have had their eyebrows tattooed will benefit a lot from this article.

Here, we will share some basic rules on eyebrow tattooing, and its aftercare!

Also, in case you’ve never had this procedure done before but you are intrigued in finding out a bit more, you will learn some interesting facts, keep on reading and see for yourself!


Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrow Tattoo AftercareWe all know how important is to maintain proper aftercare after having any cosmetic procedure done, right?

The same applies to your eyebrows.

Just like any part of our body or any done procedure, it is of utmost importance to take good care after tattooing your eyebrows.

The eyebrow tattooing process is recommended for every woman who has naturally thin, sparse, as well as light eyebrows, as well as an undefined shape.

It is also a common go-to procedure for those who are lazy in the morning, and who don’t want to spend a lot of time while doing their makeup.


What Should You Do Before The Treatment?

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  • You should stop using any skin thinners (Vitamin A, glycolic acids, exfoliation) on the brow area precisely two weeks prior.
  • Avoid any skin treatment(waxing or brow shaping)at least 2 days before.
  • Tinting your eyebrows should be done at least one week prior to the procedure.
  • Consummation of alcohol, caffeine or any blood thinners should be completely out of reach at least 48 hours before your procedure, otherwise, it will cause excess bleeding and may affect your results.
  • Hypersensitivity and increased pain could be stronger during your menstrual cycle, so be aware of that.


What Is Healing Like After The Procedure?

eyebrow tattooIt takes time to heal properly, patience is necessary during the first two weeks with the notion that your eyebrows will change and might appear different, but that is normal.

After the procedure is done your brows will appear darker and more defined and this will last up to 2 weeks.

It takes 6-8 weeks for them to fully heal.

Make sure you always check with your cosmetician what you can do to improve and what does it take to keep your eyebrows taken care of.


When Can I Wear Makeup After The Treatment?

The treated area should not be picked, peeled or scratched or your color may heal unevenly and you might risk scarring and infection.

After the procedure makeup should not be applied for three days on the tattoo area.


Can I Wash My Face After The Treatment?

After the procedure is done you may wash your face with minimal usage of water directly on your brows for the first week.

Using cotton balls with lukewarm water will gently wipe off any excess.


Things To Avoid After The Procedure:

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  • Avoid high sun exposure during your healing process, UV Rays can be very bad for your procedure and can alter the pigment of your tattoo.
  • Cleansers, soaps or any other creams should not be used on your eyebrows.
  • Avoid exercise and sweat for 10 days since the salt in sweat can infect and prematurely fade your eyebrow tattoo. Also, salt in the sweat may also alter the color of your tattoo.
  • Avoid usage of Vaseline, Neosporin or any petroleum-based products on your tattoo.
  • Avoid sauna, pools, and steam rooms.
  • Massages, facials or skin treatments during the healing process must be out of use.
  • Laser light therapy on your eyebrows tattoo can darken, lighten, and in the end distort the pigment.


Is It Permanent?

No, it is not. Cosmetic tattooing, unlike body art tattooing, is much more superficial to the skin.

The inks are also much more degradable, but not to worry- our immune system will digest the ink and also push out the pigment as well.


When Should I Redo The Procedure?

It does require touchups yearly or bi-yearly. Most people even require up to two sessions to get their ideal shape.

But again, it all depends on your skin type, some skin may push out a bit of ink, and other skin types will hold it with ease.


Fun Facts About Eyebrows…


  • Eyebrows protect our eyes
  • They’re crucial for facial recognition.
  • They’re critical for nonverbal communication, too.
  • The average person has about 250 hairs per eyebrow.
  • They regularly fall out.
  • The shape of your brows may predict your personality.
  • They start to turn gray just like the rest of your hair.

Like any other procedure, this one as well requires a lot of patience and following rules to keep them at their best state.

Nowadays women all over the world choose this method as a way of their beauty routine.

Also, a lot of them are not very familiar with pre and post-treatment, so always make sure to inform yourself and don’t hesitate to ask your cosmetician everything that crosses your mind.

Eyebrows can change your whole appearance and give you a whole new look just by changing their shape in any way there is.


A Quick Recap Of The Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare Process

  • Do not use makeup straight after the procedure
  • Avoid heavy sun exposure
  • Do not sweat or exercise during the healing period
  • Do not touch, pluck or scratch after the procedure
  • Use only cotton pads or wipes given by your cosmetician
  • Do not consume alcoholic or caffeine drinks after the procedure
  • It takes 6-8 weeks for your eyebrows to properly heal
  • Patience is a must

Following these rules, you will get the results you wanted and have dreamt of!

Did this work for you?

Is there anything you’d recommend that we haven’t included?

Let us know below.  We’d love to hear from you.






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