How To Get An Aquarius Man To Chase You – 9 Top Tips

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How To Get An Aquarius Man To Chase You

If you are into zodiac, numbers, and astrology, and you like figuring out new things every here and there, you will love this article!

Maybe you are an Aquarius? Or you know of an Aquarius?

Either way, you probably know how hard it is to chase an Aquarius, and how charming and intimating they can be.

If not, you’re gonna learn a lot about this topic today!

Here, in this article, are our top tips on how to get an Aquarius man to chase you, notice you, and finally – give you a fair chance!


What You Need To Know About An Aquarius

how to get an aquarius man to chase youAquarius is a fixed air sign, and people born anywhere from January 20 till 19 of February fall under this zodiac.

Have you ever dates an Aquarius before? Maybe you are trying to get his attention, or maybe you are married to one?

Either way, you should know that Aquarius men are more interested in brains, as well as an opportunity to have an intellectual conversation with a woman.

Do you want them to notice you, approach you, or you want to have a relationship with them?

Either way it is, here are the top 9 tips which will help you with your intentions:

  1. Stand Out

smileMen will usually notice the way you walk, talk and smile.

They like intriguing women, who are genuinely themselves and confident, as well as a bit quirky.

If this sounds like you; you go girl, you are already one step closer to seducing an Aquarius guy!

  1. Stimulate 

Try to stimulate his mind and make an impression.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a high IQ, but try to be curious and interdisciplinary in your thinking.

As long as you can stimulate his mind and occupy his thoughts, he will think of you as a keeper.

  1. Be Chill

be chillThey don’t want you to try too hard since they believe that both of you have and live different and separate lives.

Be yourself, as always, but don’t be too pushy.

They love being honest and open to new ideas and expeditions but don’t disturb their personal space, ever.

  1. Be Friends

They love getting to know their spouses through an intimate friendship at first.

They are very social and interactive, so rather try to be friends at first.

They are very cheerful and easy to talk to, and they are all about having fun!

So, enjoy your mental exploration before anyone of you makes that first step.

  1. Have A Passion

have a passionAn Aquarius is a humanitarian who believes in better society.

If you are passionate about helping others, climate change, politics, or doing any type of ”good” for the nation, they will notice you and pick you out from the crowd!

  1. They Love Challenges

Although being so down to earth, they love a good and an interesting challenge.

They love to talk about different opinions and current states, and they love women who can challenge their minds.

However, never try to argue with him in changing his mind.

Both of you can defend your ideas and principles but don’t expect that he changes his way of thinking.

  1. Put Your Emotions On Hold

emotionsThey are very rational and logical, and their emotions are buried deep underneath.

Try and hold your emotions at first since they aren’t the best at understanding anger, tears, or hysteria.

Know that a civil way is the best way to have with them.

  1. Don’t Be Too Extravagant

They are not wasteful whatsoever, and they don’t spend a lot of money on themselves.

He does not want to know how much money you’ve spent on an item, this won’t impress him.

Rather keep the money talk to yourself, you don’t want to come off looking too extravagant.

  1. Be Yourself

be yourselfDon’t be phony, they dislike women who are not genuine.

Even if you are not something that he wants you to be, don’t do it, and don’t push it.

They prefer honesty over anything, and they will know when you’re being fake or annoying.

And, more importantly, more important than anything, you want him to like you for who you really are, not for someone you pretend to be.


How To Tell If He Likes You

thumbs upSo now you know how to get an Aquarius man to chase you, but how do you know if it’s working?

  • He will invest time & effort into doing different things with you (not just sexual)
  • He will have a deep and long existential talk with you
  • He will make you feel like you are his closest friend, at first
  • He will share his aspiring ideas with you
  • He will tell you about his idea & vision of future
  • He will spend a lot more time with you than he would with others


What Are Some Of The Biggest Turn Offs For An Aquarius?

thumbs downAnd here’s what you might want to avoid:

  • Don’t get too emotional, and don’t show emotions in front of him
  • Never be pushy or clingy, they don’t like that
  • If you’re high maintenance and extravagant chances are it won’t work out
  • Don’t ever cry in front of him
  • Have patience, always


How To Get An Aquarius Man To Chase You – Wrapping It Up

So there you have it.  Still wondering how to get an Aquarius man to chase you?  Hopefully not!

We hope that our guide has given you all you need to get out there and get that man chasing after you.

This is obviously only a guide.  Every man and every woman is different.

smiling womanOf the nine tips we’ve given, if we were to choose just one, the most important piece of advice we’d give to anyone by far would be to be yourself.

Be yourself and you can be sure that any man who chases after you will be doing so for the right reasons.  We’re all amazing.  You’re amazing.  You know that you’re amazing.

So be yourself, and let him see that you’re amazing too.




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