How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles – 16 Great Ways

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

A lot of women struggle with dark circles, especially as they reach their mid-thirties. Unfortunately, sometimes these are just hereditary, and you can’t stop them from happening. However, what you can do is spice up your skincare routine, and follow some of the most basic (yet beneficial) steps in your everyday life. Here’s how to remove unwanted dark circles from the comfort of your home!


Why Do We Get Dark Circles?

how to get rid of dark circlesDark circles are common in men and women, and they are also known as under-eye bags. With age, these will become quite obvious, and in most cases, they will occur because of:

  • Loss of collagen
  • You have a genetic predisposition
  • You suffer from hyperpigmentation

Women should use an under-eye cream the moment they reach their mid-twenties. Early prevention of dark circles is possible, as long as you use the right skincare products, and if you approach the problem area the right way.


The 6 Most Common Causes Of Dark Circles

aging1. Fatigue

Extreme fatigue as well as staying up past your bedtime can cause your skin to look dull and pale. Your blood vessels will pump a lot less blood, which will lead to puffy under eyes. Make sure that you get your regular 8-hours, no matter how old you are, what your profession is, or what your everyday habits are!

2. Age

Did you know that your skin produces 1% less collagen with each year after you reach your twenties? Collagen is the essential item for your elasticity and the overall looks of your skin. If you can’t boost its production or speed it up, you will experience a lot more of dark circles with each year.

3. Eye Strain

Do you stare at your phone, computer, or your TV quite often and a lot each and every day? If so, you can actually strain your eyes. As this happens, your eyes will enlarge, which will cause the blood vessels to shrink and become dry & puffy.

4. An Allergic Reaction

If you are allergic you are probably prone to dark circles. Why & how? Your body releases histamines as its own natural response to harmful bacteria (this is your natural hormone). Histamine can cause your blood vessels to dilate and will appear a lot more visible. Also, allergies will increase the urge for you to rub or scratch your skin. By doing so, you can break your capillaries and cause inflammation. Make sure that you visit your doctor if you experience any type of irritation or allergies.

5. Dehydrated Skin

Are you drinking enough of water? If not, you will definitely end up looking dull and puffy. Water is amazing for your overall health, and it will boost your skin’s elasticity! Make sure that you use and set up a reminder on your phone that will vibrate every 2 hours and tell you to drink more water!

6. You Are Over Exposed To Sun

Heavy exposure to the sun can cause your body to produce a heavy amount of melanin. This pigment provides your skin with color. If you sun-bathe a lot or use the tanning beds a little too often, your skin may lose hydration, especially around the eye area.


How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles – 16 Great Ways!

1. Use Tea Bags

tea bags for dark circlesYou probably have teabags chilling around at your home, since who doesn’t? Did you know that caffeinated tea bags can increase the blood flow to your skin? By doing so, your skin will breathe and sink in all the product! Green tea has anti-inflammatory effects and you can use it with ease, no matter your skin type.

How to do this?

Use two tea bags and steep them for 5 minutes. Leave them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Use the leftover liquid that is left in the tube and squeeze it out on top of your skin for 30 minutes. Let the product sink in overnight and repeat twice a week!

2. Use A Cold Compress

Any cold compress can do the work! You can use a teaspoon, a wet cloth, or even a cooled down fruit or vegetable! A cold compress will boost your circulation and will give you smoother under eyes, especially if you stick to this method a few times per week.

How to do it?

Use your cold compress and press it against your skin for 5-10 minutes. You should also apply your favorite under eye cream once you are done using the compress. It will sink a lot better and faster into the skin, and your under eyes will look brighter, a lot more radiant, as well as hydrated.

3. Simple Advice: Drink Water

drink waterYou should always stay hydrated and drink water! Water makes around 60 percent of our body weight, and by implementing water to your everyday routine and boosting your body with it, you are actually contributing to your hydration. Experts recommend that you drink around 2 liters of water per day! Men should drink a bit more than women. Boost your metabolism and also eat juicy fruits since these also have water in them that will be beneficial for your skin.

4. Buy Some Lightening Products

Have you ever used lightening creams on top of your skin? These usually work the best on top of darker complexions as well as darker skin types. You can purchase these over the counter, at a pharmacy, and at some larger drugstores at a pretty affordable price. Your cream should contain 2 percent of hydroquinone. By applying this product topically and regularly, your skin will change its color and will end up lightening up. Just make sure that your skin is not too sensitive since this may irritate some women. Apply the product underneath your eyes and as your doctor (or pharmacist) has recommended.

5. Sleep The Right Way

Did you know that elevating your pillows just a bit can help with your under eyes? Try and sleep with two pillows and place them underneath your head. Elevation of this sort will prevent the fluid from moving or dropping down, and it will actually remove any type of puffiness!

Aside from these practical & handy pillows, also try to sleep for at least 8 hours. Lack of sleep can make an impact on your complexion, and it can make you look paler, as we’ve previously explained.

6. Eat The Right Foods

eat wellAs you get older, the muscles around your eyes become weaker. This means that you may experience a bit more sagging than usual. The best way to fix this? Reach for vitamin C and eat fruits that are filled with this vitamin! Your body will easily absorb vitamin C, and with regular intakes, it will boost your collagen production while giving you healthier and more radiant skin. Try to eat a lot of oranges, red peppers, kale, as well as broccoli, and strawberries. Watch out for your overall health & diet for your own sake, and you will notice that your skin will react along! Juicing leafy greens is a great option.

7. Stay Away From Alcohol And Cigarettes

Drinking alcohol will lead to dehydration, and it will actually contribute to the darkness of your bags. The same goes for smoking. If you are a smoker, you are regularly striping away your vitamin C, which is the responsible vitamin for creating healthy collagen in your skin. Smokers often have bad under eyes, wrinkles, as well as dry skin.

If possible, try to do a 14-day cleanse and see how your skin changes! If not, talk with your doctor or your dermatologist. They might prescribe some anti-smoking bandages or patches.

8. Cucumbers

cucumbers to get rid of dark circlesYou’ve seen this little trick everywhere and on TV at least a few times in your life, right? Cucumbers are the most affordable and common go-to method for women who want something quick, easy, efficient, and affordable! They are filled with vitamins and antioxidants, and you will love their power after you’ve refrigerated them and have applied to your skin while they are still cold. Two slices twice a week will make a huge difference in your skincare and under-eye routine!

PS: If the cucumber trick isn’t working for you or if it is way too plain, you can also add some lemons to the game! Squeeze some lemon and cucumber juice into a bowl and use a few cotton pads to pick up the juice. Press the pads against your skin and let your under eyes breathe! Lemon juice can be a bit too watery and it can irritate your skin, especially if you are too sensitive. So heads up before you DIY this mixture, and think twice.

9. Apply Some Cold Milk

If you are on a budget just go straight to your kitchen and reach for some cold milk! This little trick will come in handy if you are trying to do something quickly, easily, and on your own and at home. Dairy products are a great source of vitamin A and these contain retinoids that are great for your brighter and younger-looking complexion. Just soak a cotton pad with cold milk and apply it and stick underneath your eyes. Let it stay on for 10 minutes and do the soak twice a day. Afterward, wash out the product with warm water. Do this step as often as you please each week till you are left with fabulous results.

10. The Right Concealer

Dark circles can be taken care of with the right set of skincare products, but you can also hide them temporarily and enjoy a good makeup day! You should apply a full coverage concealer every here and there to hide the discoloration. Make sure that you purchase and apply a concealer that has a purplish-blue hue as well as a yellow undertone since this combo is the best at covering pigmentation. Also, purchase a concealer that has a hydrating finish, and that won’t get stuck in your pores or your fine lines. We highly recommend investing a bit more money into your concealers since their use will pay-off in the end.

11. Coconut Oil Mixture

coconut oilIf you like to DIY some solutions and you are also a fan of coconut oils and its soothing scent, go for this trick! Just mix a bit of coconut oil along with almond oil underneath your eyes. Leave the created mixture for about an hour. You can reapply this mixture twice a day and for an entire week. Both oils are well-known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and they will calm down your skin, remove any discoloration, and give you softer skin.

12. A Little Bit Of Everything…

Make sure that you have ground fresh coconut, a few drops of lemon juice, as well as 2 teaspoons of grated cucumber. Don’t forget to add one teaspoon of fresh cream along with three teaspoons of china clay. All of these ingredients are relaxing and soothing on top of the skin, and they will work wonders for people who want to improve their under-eyes quickly! You should leave this paste on top of your skin for 20 minutes and rinse it out with lukewarm water later. You can redo this process twice a week.

13. Tomato Eye Toner

Tomatoes are known for their exfoliating properties, and they are quite affordable and easy to apply. You should mix a bit of tomato juice along with lemon juice and massage it to your eye area every day. Leave your created toner for 30 minutes and rinse it out with coconut water. This mixture is soothing as well as hydrating, perfect for women who have drier skin!

14. Use A Grated Potato

potatoesA raw potato or even a cold raw potato can act as an amazing lightener on top of your skin. Potatoes are affordable and they are known for their soothing properties, and they can be used no matter your skin type! You should cut two slices and put them in a fridge for two hours. Apply these slices to your eyes and let them do their magic for 30 minutes. Redo the process once or twice a week.

15. A Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is only done at cosmetics salons or with certified dermatologists. These peels have been clinically proven that they can lighten up your dark circles while removing any surface-level hyperpigmentation. A mild exfoliant such as glycolic acid is used on top of your skin to prevent any damage. It is left on top for 30 minutes and the results are visible immediately! However, in some cases, you will need 3-4 treatments. It is vital to talk the process through with your dermatologist before you start your sessions.

16. Laser Therapy

Lastly, and as one of the most extreme treatments, there is laser therapy. This treatment is done only at some facilities, and there are two treatments that you can choose from: invasive and non-invasive. The laser is switched on and targeted towards any pigmentation as well as discoloration. It is quite powerful and its use will also remove any soft lines, circles, as well as darkness. However, it is a pricier treatment and only done by women who are 40+ years old! If you are truly struggling, think of this as your final step to your flawless skin.  You might also consider an LED light therapy device.


How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles – Ready For A New Start?

Are you ready to have the best-looking under eyes? Say bye-bye to discoloration, dark circles, bags, as well as fine lines, and welcome flawless skin as soon as possible! Which of these 16 steps and hacks is going to be your first go-to on the list? Do you know some other remedies that might help women combat this issue? Let us know in the comments section below!



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