How To Insert A Yoni Egg – All You Need To Know

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How To Insert A Yoni Egg – The Ultimate Guide

You’ve probably heard of yoni eggs before, right?

They are these unusual small and round-shaped stones that you insert into your vagina in order, apparently, to maintain and improve the strength of your pelvic floor.

However, have you ever wondered why it’s actually called a yoni egg?

Maybe you’re wondering about their application, and the removal process?

If so, everything down below (sorry!) might interest you, since we have some answers to your most asked questions!


What Is A Yoni Egg?

how to insert a yoni eggScientists believe that women used stone eggs 5,000 years back to awaken their sensuality and to access their true sexual power.

The name ‘yoni’ is actually a Sanskrit word for our female parts which, once translated, means ‘sacred space’.

The yoni egg is also known as the jade or love egg, and some of its most common perks and uses allegedly are:

  • It will increase your libido and your sexual intimacy
  • You will have better orgasms
  • You will increase your natural lubrication
  • The egg is great for recovering after giving birth
  • You can work out your vagina muscles
  • Reduction of PMS symptoms


How To Insert The Yoni Egg?

yoni eggsIf you are a beginner you should be very careful and gentle with your yoni eggs.

Women who have given birth may be able to go for larger eggs, but it is always best to start out slow and small, and gradually build from there.

Before inserting your yoni egg, make sure you are well aware of the following:

Step 1: Preparation

To have the best experience it is vital for you to clean your egg, charge your body, and relax!

The egg should also clean your negative energy (since the egg is made out of crystals) which can combat any impure energy.

You can also warm up the egg outside by exposing it to the sun if you want it warmed up and recharged, and you can also use a lubricant (if needed).

Step 2: Insertion

Insert the tipping point down and the same way that you’d insert your tampon.

insertSome yoni eggs can have drilled holes that are used for tieing down a string for easy removal. Some come without this.

However, both versions are fine.

Keep your legs up in the air and spread them as much as possible.

Insert the egg with your ring and middle finger, and push it down for 7-10 cm.

Please Note: time-wise, every egg is different, and this will also depend a lot on your initial use. In some cases and when working out you will want to hold your egg for 3-5 minutes. On the other hand & when trying to boost your sexual energy, you can hold it in for up to 15 minutes. As we said, it is different based on your goals, and the egg itself, so always ask the manufacturer about this part, or read the instructions.

Step 3: Removal

After you are done using the egg remove it gently.

Drilled eggs may be easier to remove since they will have a string that you can pull on (just like a tampon).

However, undrilled eggs should be removed once you squat and start pushing them out with your vaginal muscles.

Give it a few deep breathes and it should come out on its own!

Step 4: Cleaning

cleaning yoni eggJust as you clean your vagina and your sex toys (if you have any) you should clean your yoni egg.

You should at least take a mild soap and wash it with lukewarm water after each use. Pat it dry with a clean towel after it’s been properly washed.

Some experts also say that you can use lavender oil for deeper antibacterial cleansing. Let it air dry and store properly before your next use.


Which Yoni Egg Should You Use?

nephrite jade yoni eggsYoni eggs are made with different types of crystals.

The top three highest quality eggs and crystals are understood to be: nephrite jade yoni egg, rose quartz yoni egg, and the black obsidian yoni egg.

Nephrite jade is the most common one for beginners. It is smaller, and is the best one for an improper balance of hormones.

The rose quartz yoni egg is used for plenty of different things, such as circulation, fertility and the female reproductive system. It is also known as the love stone due to its soothing and calming pink color.

The black obsidian egg is mostly used by mature women who are trying to strengthen their pelvic floor and develop stronger muscles. It is also, most often, the largest one to pick out on the market.


How To Insert A Yoni Egg – Are You Ready?

After reading this article, do you feel a bit more ready and prepared to use a yoni egg?

If you’ve found your way to this post you’ve probably made your mind up to use one already, but we hope it helped.  Whereas the benefits of actually using a yoni egg are not scientifically proven, many women do swear by it.

It does have its perks apparently, and a lot of women are becoming a fan of this ancient stone.

Just choose the one that meets your needs, and perhaps let us know below how you get on.

Good luck!



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