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Loose Wave vs Body Wave – Which To Choose?

by Ellay

Having flawless hair 24/7 is a must for every woman.

Some of us can achieve that by styling our natural hair, while other women turn to wigs and extensions.

When choosing your next extensions know that you can go for loose or body waves, and achieve totally different finishes.

Loose Wave vs Body Wave – Your Questions Answered…

You can enjoy curlier and shinier results, or you can have flat and defined hair strands by purchasing the right solution.

What is the difference and how to pick out your ideal hair?

We’ve got the answers.

What Hair To Choose?

The best hair in terms of quality is Brazilian hair, especially the kind which is 100% pure virgin because it didn’t go through any chemical processes.

It hasn’t been colored or bleached, which makes it easy to work with.

This hair looks and feels very soft and natural, and can easily blend with your real hair.

Brazilian hair is highly recommended because it is full of shine, and moveability, and it lasts longer than Indian, Malaysian or Japanese extensions.

It can also be layered, trimmed, or colored, and it can still look natural.

If you are going to purchase your next extensions, go for either the Brazilian loose wave or the Brazilian body wave.

Brazilian Loose Wave

The main characteristic of the loose wave hair is that its pattern is quite curly.

Although the curls are tight, they are very small and loose, as the name itself suggests.

Each hair strand flows in a different direction and the curling pattern can last for quite some time.

When installed on top of your natural hair the outcome will be very natural, shiny and soft.

This hair type is ideal for any face since it looks playful and very feminine.

Brazilian Body Wave

This hair does not have a lot of volumes, and its strands follow one direction only.

Once applied on top, this wave gives out a specific S-shaped curl, but only towards the lower part of your hair.

It feels super soft on the touch and gives out a straight and defined flow.

This hair doesn’t tangle a lot and it doesn’t shed.

It can easily blend in with your natural hair and is easy to maintain.

However, it will suit women who love the simplicity and only one specific hairstyle.

What’s The Difference Between Loose Wave VS Body Wave

Simply put, the main differences are:

  1. Loose extensions have a lot more volume and would look the best on someone who is on the lookout for a bouncy curl.
  2. Loose wave hair is a lot more curly and in a shape of a wave, if you want straight hair rather stick to a body wave.
  3. Styling-wise- loose wave extensions can look better in many different styles and will hold the curl a lot better.
  4. Body waves will get straighter in time and with often washing.
  5. Body wave extensions feature strains that are placed close next to one another and are a lot less bouncy.

How To Maintain Your Hair?

loose wave vs body wave

In both cases and when working with these extensions, try to use sulfate-free shampoos, deep conditioners, a wide tooth comb, and some light serum oil.

Bleaching And Dyeing 

If your hair is high quality and if it is 100% virgin hair you can color it to any color you want.

However, never bleach the hair on your own and rather let a professional do it for you, especially if you went with the loose wave.

Curly hair usually takes more time and patience to bleach.


Brush your hair with a tooth comb and never use those paddle brushes since they will break your strands.

Also, you might experience some unwanted tangles when combing your hair, so rather stick to brushing it only with a tooth comb each time after you shower.

Curling It

Both of these styles can be styled with a curling iron if you really want to play around.

However, the loose wave doesn’t demand any additional heat because the finish itself is already wavy and curly enough.

On the other hand, the body wave won’t keep the curl for quite some time, so you might be disappointed if your curls break apart in the middle of the day.

Washing It For The First Time

When washing your extensions you can expect them to look a bit worse after the first wash.

The loose wave will look very uneven, while the body wave can appear frizzy. However, this is normal after the first wash because the hair cuticles have opened.

Pat dry the hair with a clean towel and let it air dry, then follow up with some styling oils.

Pros Of Loose Wave

  • High-quality hair
  • Looks very shiny
  • Can be colored
  • Features defined curls
  • Doesn’t demand any additional styling tools

Cons Of Loose Wave:

  • Shouldn’t be bleached on your own

Pros Of Body Wave:

  • Features flat strains
  • Ideal if you love simple hairstyles
  • Easy to maintain
  • Doesn’t shed a lot
  • Can be colored and bleached

Cons Of Body Wave:

  • Not for you if you want to switch up your hairstyles
  • Doesn’t hold the curl the best

Wrapping It Up

So, which one did you go for?  Or have you tried both before?

How did you get on?  Let us know below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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