Microblading Vs Tattoo Eyebrows – Which Should You Choose?

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Microblading VS Tattoo Eyebrows – All You Need To Know

A lot of women often think that microblading and brow tattooing is the same thing because it sounds like a similar, painful process.

Although the process and the outcome is quite similar, the materials used in the drawing, as well as the longevity are quite different.

If you want to know the difference, as well as what might suit you the best, this article will shine some light up on this topic!

Why Should You Get Your Brows Done?

Eyebrows give a certain definition and dimension to the face while rounding up the entire makeup look.

In the last two years, bushy eyebrows have become a huge trend, and women worldwide started to prefer them over funky 60’s thin eyebrows.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with luscious brow hair, so sometimes, women turn to microblading or even brow tattooing.

What Is Microblading?

microblading vs tattoo eyebrowsThis treatment is ideal for women who need thickness, definition, and newly shaped brows.

The process is done by a professional at a salon where the qualified staff uses needles on top of your skin.

Microblading is done with a sharp and unique blade tool which will transfer the color in the second layer of your skin.

They will make a straight thin line across your eyebrow and will mimic the natural shape in a few moves.

A brow artist will hand draw each and every line which won’t bleed out over time.

Once done, the outcome will last you for 6-18 months. After that, you will have to get them touched-up.

What Is Brow Tattooing?

Brow tattooing is a lot like typical tattooing.

In this method, the esthetician will use needles and will create a lot of tapping motions in order to penetrate the skin.

This way they will place ink onto the skin, and the outcome will become more permanent.

Brow tattooing is usually a good idea if you want to create fullness and thickness in the middle of your brow, but is not recommended for brow definition.

#Also, tattooed brows will last you for a lifetime (as a normal tattoo would).

There are 3 different textures that you can choose when it comes to brow tattooing, based on your desire.

Different Types Of Tattooed Eyebrows

microblading vs tattoo eyebrows

1. Crisp Brow

A defined brow with harsher lines. Looks a lot like it was done by a marker.

2. Powdered Brow

Only filled through the middle, ideal for those women who already have some shape.

3. Hair Like Brow

This type is almost like microblading, although the process takes a lot more time. The line might not be as precise or straight as at is with microbladed brows, but the outcome is quite similar and soft.

The Difference In The Processes

The process itself is quite alike, but the main difference is in the fact that microblading is a hand drawing process, while tattooing is done with a machine.

Microblading will create fine lines which won’t bleed, while tattooing might create an injury.

Which One Will Fade Sooner?

Microbladed brows will fade sooner, but the outcome won’t be as noticeable or ugly.

That is because there isn’t a lot of ink or harsh lines used in the creation process.

Microbladed ink might disappear, but since it is placed inside the dermis, it won’t look ugly.

Microblading might end up looking a lot darker during your first 7-10 day recovery process. After this time, they will fade and come back to their normal color.

Tattoos, on the other hand, are drawn and filled in with ink. This ink is a lot stronger and it can end up looking quite harsh in time.

Tattoos can get a lot lighter, darker, or can sometimes even pick up a blue-ish or green-ish tone. Just as it is with tattoos, this ink can spread and end up looking thicker.

This is why it’s important for your artist to do them as thin as possible in the first place since you don’t want that block eyebrow in a year, right?

The Pain Level

Every lady wants to get through this process pain-free. Although this sometimes is not possible (like in this case), you can still choose your preferred option.

During the microblading process, the esthetician will use a topical anesthetic over your brow which will numb the pain.

A tattoo artist will do the same thing as well.

What Technique Is For You?

It is always the best to talk the process through with your technician, or the expert.

However, in most cases, women who have super sensitive skin shouldn’t do any of these two options.

Also, women with thin or brittle skin might end up with traumas on their skin. They might end up with blotchy or smudged brows with possible scars.

Besides the possible injuries, it is also very important to set your budget and to know your preference.

Someone who loves dark and full brows, especially filled in the middle, will love the tattoed ones the most.

Women who crave natural and simple brows should go for microblading.

Price wise, tattooed brows are anywhere from $300-500.

Microblading can range from $350 dollars to as high as $800 dollars.

Pros & Cons Of Microblading


– Ideal solution if you need definition and a new shape

– They can look natural

– Done by hand

– Semi-permanent

– Hurt less than tattooing

– Will look beautiful even once they fade


– Will last you 6-18 months

– You will have to redo them

– Pricier than tattooing

Pros & Cons Of Tattoo Brows


– A long-lasting solution

– Ideal if you need to fill in the middle portion of your brow, and if you already have your desired shape

– Less expensive than tattooing

– Great choice if you are someone who doesn’t want to change your style of drawing or filling in your brows


– Might become thicker in time

– Won’t look defined, just filled

– Painful process

– The ink can pick up a blue-ish undertone

Microblading Vs Tattoo Eyebrows – Wrapping It Up

Whether you go for microblading or tattoo eyebrows is ultimately a personal decision, but hopefully we’ve given you enough information in the guide above to make that decision a little bit easier.

Let us know below which one you went with.  We’d love to hear from you.

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