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Precision Eye Care – What Is It?

by Ellay
Precision EyeCare

Precision Eye Care – An Introduction

Men and women who wear prescription glasses have probably heard of precision eye care before.  Have you?

If you’re planning on visiting an Optometrist anytime soon, read on.

Why? We’ve summarized how these guys might be able to help you.

So, if you’re intrigued by precision eye care, you might appreciate this article.

Here we’ll take a bit more of an in-depth look at this eye care provider.

What Is Precision Eye Care?

Precision Eyecare is a healthcare lab that carries out the full suite of the eye and vision care exams and services for both adults and children.

It has a team of specialists, as well as lab technicians who have years and years of experience in this field, as well as years of practice.

They handle every type of exam, and treatment, as well as eye surgery in order to bring you the best sight, and the best ‘eye-opening results.

How To Prepare For Your Visit?

You should be sure to take your prescription glasses and/or contact lenses with you for review by the specialist.

Your doctors will be able to get a quick understanding of your last eyesight results from these with relative ease, and it might give them some insight into what to expect of your current vision too.

Usually, these types of consultations take around 45 minutes to complete, so be sure to leave sufficient time to accommodate your appointment.

Make sure you have time to spare and don’t forget to book your appointment in advance.

What’s The Deal With The Insurance?

If you have a vision insurance policy, you could protect yourself from any sudden and unwanted financial payments.

We understand that Precision Eyecare may accept the following, although do your own research and check with them in advance of course:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Tricare
  • Medicaid
  • Aetna
  • Medicare
  • United Health Care
  • Cigna Health Spring

They also offer CareCredit, which will allow you to begin your treatment immediately but to pay for it over time on a payment plan.

This could be a good option if you prefer or need, to pay via installation payments

What Services Do They Offer?

Medical eye examination

This is a treatment where your doctor will determine if you have some systemic issues, such as conjunctivitis, ocular allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, as well as infections.

Comprehensive vision evaluations

Your eye muscles will get a good check-up via a review such as this, along with your depth perception and muscle coordination.

The doctor will determine if you need prescription eyeglasses.

Contact lens fitting

There are several different types of lenses that you can use.

However, with the help of your doctor, you will end up with proper lenses that suit your lifestyle, your personal preference, and importantly your needs.

You can get these even at the end of your vision exam as long as they determine you need them.

What Are Some Common Eye Concerns?

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

This happens, usually, to one eye only, where you lose the development of vision.

This often begins in childhood, which is why a lot of people don’t get a chance to treat it.

During our childhood years is when the brain will ”choose” its visual pathway.

This is why every child should be checked-up at an early age.


This is a general term for inflammation that can happen to your eyelids and your eyelashes at any given point, no matter how old you are.

It can happen when you’re not taking proper care of your eyelids, or it can happen because of an allergic reaction.

This can be calmed down with the right medication.


If you’re experiencing any progressive blurring or dimming of your vision you might have a cataract.

This happens in your lens and is also the world’s leading cause of blindness in older people (people older than the age of 65 have a 50 percent chance of developing a cataract apparently).

People with cataracts may have trouble with reading at first, and it can progress as time goes on.

Some doctors recommend surgery in case this happens.

Computer Vision Syndrome

If you’re experiencing any neck pain along with headaches, stiff shoulders and watery eyes (or even a blurry vision) when working in front of a computer, get a check-up.

This happens if you’re in front of a screen for too long.

You may need specific lenses to get rid of this condition, not every pair of glasses will work for you.

Dry Eyes

With each blink, your eyes protect themselves. They wash away any dust or unwanted microorganisms while protecting you from a burning sensation.

Some people can have irritated, dry eyes, as well as eyes that are sensitive to the light.

There will be a different series of exams for you to undertake to fix your dryness, and you should be persistent with your exams and check-ups to succeed.


People who are cross-eyed actually have strabismus.

This occurs among people who can’t control their eye movements, or if their movements aren’t properly coronated.

Both eyes can have their own preferred trajectory – they can look up, down, left, or right.

Strabismus is usually diagnosed in childhood, where there is a 4 percent chance of having it.

With early intervention, it can be avoided.

Ready For Your Appointment?

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Your eyes are amazing things so it pays to invest in their health and take the advice of professionals who are highly skilled in this area.

You should regularly set aside the time to get a check up.

Don’t neglect your appointments, and you’ll be happy, as well as protected.

If you’ve had a good experience with Precision Eyecare let us know below, we’d love to hear from you.

And if you have any alternative recommendations, drop us a line.

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