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Red Light Therapy At Home – The Pros And Cons

by Ellay
red light therapy at home

Red light therapy is a treatment that women often do at the salon.

Its primary focus is the usage of low red light which can penetrate deep into your skin to prevent any common skin issues.

If you are thinking about getting something done on your skin, and if you need a practical solution, you should look into doing RLT sometime soon, or even on your own.

About Red Light Therapy

This treatment is relatively new. It was initially used by the scientists in the 1990’s to promote the growth of plants in space.

Later on, it was discovered that it could increase the energy of cells and improve healthy blood flow.

Approximately 40 years ago this light treatment got some recognition in the beauty industry.

Soon many salons started to offer it as their solution to aging and wrinkles, as well as fine lines.

Also, many companies manufactured tools and machines that could emit the red light, ideal for your own personal at home use.

How Does It Work?

red light therapy at home

You will place either your head or your entire body into a machine which will emit the red light.

This energy needs to have a specific range since you can’t get optimal results with every kind.

Scientists believe that the best results can be achieved at a scale of 600 nm and mid-range of 800 nm.

Once exposed to this light, the cells underneath your skin will rejuvenate and will boost the collagen production.

The process is harmless, uses no chemicals, and will deliver the same results as you would get if you were exposed to the sun, without the UV rays.

Where Can You Have The Treatment?

A lot of salons, gyms or spas offer red light therapy for cosmetic purposes.

However, you can also find some devices online or in-store and use them on your own.

The most important thing is that they need to be FDA approved and that you don’t purchase the cheapest option. You can ask your dermatologist for an opinion and for a recommendation on what tool to buy.

Why Is Red Light Therapy Good For You?

There are several beneficial reasons for your skin, such as:

1. Collagen

As we age, our skin starts to lack collagen. In order to boost the production, the red light will stimulate it and leave it looking nice, healthy, and smooth.

Also, collagen can prevent wrinkles, inflammation, fine lines and texture.

Regular treatments will get rid of any swelling or puffiness around your eye area.

2. Acne

Infrared light will decrease any inflammation and is the go-to tool for women who have acne.

It also works great for those who have a weak immune system.

This is because the light can increase your circulation, which lets your body defend from other external factors.

Any previously caused wounds will heal a lot sooner, as well as cuts and burns.

3. Dry Skin

Dry and flaky skin demands hydration and moisture, and RLT will supply your skin’s surface with everything.

Your skin will be a lot more glowy after every treatment, without becoming oily or too shiny.

It won’t cause any redness or damage to the skin, even if you have sensitive skin, eczema, or rosacea.

Can You Do Red Light Therapy at Home

how to do red light therapy at home

You can, as long as you have the right tool.

Although these are on a pricier side, they are a good investment. You can purchase smaller or larger tools and place them against your face to improve any skin issue.

Women mostly stick to a handheld red light because it is ideal for the face.

However, there are also some masks that you can wear which emit the red light, as well as little practical wands.

Both of these are beginner friendly and will leave a tingling sensation on your skin.

How To Do It?

All of the products will come with the instructions.

In most cases, you will have to apply a creamy product on top of your skin, such as a cleanser, cream, serum etc.

You will turn on the machine and choose its mode.

Give yourself a 5-minute massage of the face and redo the process 1-2 times a week. It is also essential to clean the device after each use.

How Much Does It Cost?

One treatment can be around $20-50 at a salon.

Usually, you will need at least bi-weekly treatments, which means a lot of money on an annual basis.

That is one of the reasons on why you might want to purchase an at-home tool.

Besides that, there is also the convenience of travelling back and forth from place to place, while you can save a lot of time if you do it at the comfort of your home.

Side Effects Of Red Light Therapy

With proper usage and the right product, you shouldn’t experience any side effects.

Some women fear that their skin might burn underneath the light, but as long as it is the right voltage, you will be fine.

For those who are conflicted about the therapy, you can purchase suitable eyewear protection. This will protect your eyes, which are the most sensitive and exposed feature in the treatment.

Pros & Cons Of Red Light Therapy


  • No need for chemicals
  • Natural
  • Painless
  • Any skin type can do the treatment
  • Can be done at your own home
  • Easy to do on your own
  • Will fight acne, wrinkles, fine lines, will heal wounds


  • Expensive if done at the salon
  • Demands several treatments
  • Demands proper eyewear

Wrapping It Up

In the end, it might be best if you tried one session at the salon, for starters.

If your skin ends up feeling better and if you end up liking the treatment, surf the web and find your ideal at home solution.

It’s easy and safe to do on your own, plus, it will save you a lot of money while giving the same results.

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