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How Do You Know If A Guy Is Emotionally Attached? – 7 Signs To Look Out For

by Ellay
Emotionally Attached

How Do You Know If A Guy Is Emotionally Attached?

We often think that being emotional is all about expressing our feelings in a specific manner or screaming it from the top of our lungs, right?  But we’re all different.

Some girls can be emotional show-offs, while some boys can be lurkers.

In this article, we will talk about men and their feelings, as well as how they can show their emotions.

If this intrigues you, keep reading…

What Does Being Emotionally Attached Mean?

Quite often the phrase being “emotionally attached” brings controversy, and gets a bad spotlight.

Attachment is not a bad thing. It can simply mean being drawn to the one you love.

Being in love is a chemical process in our brains.

That is the place where all the magic happens. You begin with being interested, you feel attraction, you feel lust and your body simply starts producing those love chemicals that fill up your body.

Can Attachment Overcome Love?

Yes, it can!

One thing is common for all of us: We all want to be loved!

And that is okay. We are human beings, we have a biological need to be loved, to be taken care of, to be treated the best, and to feel appreciated.

We can get distracted with that idea of being loved that we begin to compromise everything in order to be loved.

We have all heard that love is a state of mind and in order to receive the love we deserve – we need to love ourselves first.

Not many of us start with that! But many of us get eager to get the love from our partners and that is where attachment can, in some cases, go in the wrong direction.

We can want that love so badly that we start to become delusion-ally attached.

We may want attention, we may want the time, we may want everything!

But that everything can soon enough become nothing.  We can forget what we love, who we are and what we want.

In this article, we will go through some patterns on attachment and will show you how to tell if a guy is really emotionally attached.

How Do Girls Perceive Love?

Us girls can have a very basic way of showing love.

You can just “feel” it. You can see it and it is very transparent.

Oftentimes, if a girl feels any emotion whatsoever towards a guy he will definitely know about it.

She will show it by just simply looking at him, holding his hand, as well as saying “I love you” sooner than expected.  We’ve all done it!

Given that is the case, sometimes this way of being can give off an overly attached vibe.

Girls can perceive love as abounding, as a full romantic image like you see in movies, and they want that to be reciprocated in the same way, but that often is not the case with guys.

How Do Guys Perceive Love?

This may come as a surprise but guys can fall in love just like girls – sometimes even faster!

Despite what we’ve said above, and no matter how open they seem, girls can be very guarded when it comes to showing their feelings in a specific way.

Sure, they will show you their sympathy but the path to her heart won’t be that easy.

Meanwhile, guys can be very easy to read sometimes.

You might spot his interest by the way he looks at you, and how his laugh changes when he’s around you.

Although, as we’ve said, men can fall in love just as quickly, they can be purposefully guarded, despite giving off these tell-tale signs, which can often lead to confusion.

You can get the subtle signs but his actions might not quite follow suit.

On the other hand, his actions could be very clear but the signs are somewhat reduced, which can be hard to read.

Here are some signs which can help you read him a lot quicker, faster, and easier:

Signs That You Might Be The One

How do you know if a guy is emotionally attached?  Here are seven key signs:

He is very comfortable with you

It is not possible to feel like yourself and to show all of you if you are not feeling comfortable, right?

So, if you find him telling you some inside jokes, or sharing his personal opinions, your company really compliments his comfortableness.

You are his SOS number

If you get a text or call in the middle of the night with the content where he vents his feelings – take that as a compliment because he is into you enough to be open with you about the things that matter to him most.

If reaching out to you is his choice then he feels something strongly towards you.

He wants you to be a part of his success

Sharing is caring. Simple as that, so be open to his stories.  If he wants to share success with you, rather than use it as a tool to impress you, this is a sign that he values teamwork and togetherness.

He wants to hear your opinion

Making decisions can be tough by itself.

We often need someone to guide us from time to time. This is why it is often better to do it with someone, right?

If he values your opinion when it comes to making key decisions it may not only be a sign that he respects your judgment, but that he values how you will feel about the outcome of the decision.

You talk about the future

Moving to another place? Buying a new car? Getting a new job?

If you are in on these things it can suggest that he sees you as part of his future too.

He checks on you

Again, caring is sharing. Love comes in a lot of forms.

Sometimes love is simply compounded in a few words “drive safe”, “how are you?”, “sleep well”.

He respects your feelings

Relationships are not a one-way street.  Feelings can get intertwined. Respecting each other’s feelings is a great way to get the attachment you both want.  Or to see if it’s there already.

Wrapping It Up

There’s no surefire way to be certain that a guy is emotionally attached to you early on.  Even after a period of time, mixed messages can blur your perception of the situation.

But if the fundamentals are there if there’s comfort and respect, if he values your opinion and activity seeks it out, if he confides in you and cares how you feel, and if those subtle physical tells are there, then there’s a good bet that he is attached on an emotional level.

If that is what you are looking for we hope these signs are prevalent in your relationship.  If they’re not, and you want them, we hope you find them soon.  But don’t put any pressure on yourself or your situation.  You’re amazing, and they will come.

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