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The Best Products For 4c Hair Growth

by Ellay
4c hair growth

You’ve just learned that you have a 4c hair type and you are not too sure how to style it?

Women with naturally tight curls have a lot of options.

A Guide To The Best Products For 4c Hair Growth

If you are trying to boost your hair growth, make your curls shiny, or find the right set of products we will present you with some of the best options for your waves!

Even if you are not too sure what category your hair is we will explain all the different kinds.

Different Types Of Hair Styles

Your hair can be classified as straight, wavy, or curly. Straight hair is classified as hair A1.

It is filled with shine and has no curls of any kind.

Wavy hair can be classified as wavy 2A, wavy 2B, and wavy 2C.

Hair type 2A has just a  bit of shine and sheen down the lower portion of the hair, while the other two follow a specific wavy pattern, and are usually prone to frizz.

Curly hair is classified as type 3.

You can have curls at 3A, 3B, or 3C.

The first shape 3A will always have definite S shape curls.

The other two are a lot more defined and frizz-free.

Lastly, there is the fourth classification also known as kinky hair.

There is the 4A curl, 4B, or 4C. All of these are quite dry on the first appearance but are still curly without defined strains.

What Is Type 4C Hair?

If you are not too sure whether you fall into this category, know that the 4c type follows the so-called Z-shaped curl pattern and it looks tightly coiled.

Once your hair is freshly washed and free of any products it probably does not have a defined curling pattern, right?

Therefore you should twist, braid or curl up your hair to add some definition.

Also, a lot of women use different styling creams to add back the definition.

How Does It Look?

Ask yourself what texture you’re working with.

This hair type can come in all sorts of fine soft and coarse finishes and is quite delicate.

Your curls probably appear super tight and short due to all the shrinkage because they are coiled.

4c Hair

Some women can have 8-inch long hair, but since it shrinks it can appear super short and like it is only 2 inches long.

You will know what you are working with once your hair is towel dry and when you leave it to air dry, using no products.

If it ends up curling in a Z shape without a lot of definition, you do fall under this category.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair?

Always have a set of proper hairstyling tools and products with you, such as:

Deep Conditioner

4c hair is naturally dry and it can absorb water and moisture in a heartbeat.

This is why it is really important to use a deep conditioner.

Use the right oil-enriched conditioner every 2 weeks to detangle your hair and remove all the painful knots that get caught up.

Fill it up with moisture and enjoy healthier and shinier hair.

Lock-In Moisture

Always use liquids, oils, or creams, and avoid any powders or hairsprays on top of your hair since these can dry out it even more.

Spritz your hair with some pure water and then apply some coconut oil or a hydrating mask on top to lock in all of the moisture into your curls.

You can also use a hooded dryer to dry your hair more evenly.  Many women with 4c hair swear by this.

Way Of Styling

If you want to make your curls a lot more permanent and appealing you can box braid your hair or do any hair twisting style.

You can style your hair once a week in your favorite style and sleep with it overnight.

The morning you wake up you should be left with the prettiest looking curls.

Detangle Your Hair

Once you get fed up with all those knots and tangles you can detangle it on your own.

Although it is a painful process, it is the only way for you to enjoy healthy growth. Use a tooth comb and detangle your hair while it is still damp.

Start off at your ends and work your way up to avoid any possible breakage.

Split Ends

Trim your split ends every 4-6 months and enjoy healthy hair, at a reasonable length.

Never do this on your own and rather let a professional deal with your split ends the right way.

Pillow Case

Try to pamper yourself and your hair by sleeping on satin sheets.

If your pillowcase is too rough you will shed some hair overnight.

However, satin pillowcases are silky smooth and will feel soft on your skin and hair.

You can also tie your hair in a loose ponytail and prevent it from moving around too much while you sleep.

Don’t Use A Lot Of Products

Although your hair is naturally dry and your curls demand moisture, don’t go overboard and reach for unwanted solutions.

For instance, you should never mix more than 3-4 products (especially by different brands) on top of your hair.

Simply stick to your leave-in conditioner, a few styling creams, and some oils.

Also, use sulfate-free shampoos since these can prevent breakage.

Ideal Styles For This Hair Type

If you are not too sure how to style your hair in the end or what hair-do might suit you the best, how about you try out:

– Two strand twists

– Afro hairdo

– Banty knots

– Space buns

If your hair is not long enough at the moment you can purchase some extensions to add length.

Either way, it might take you a month or two to retain the glow, shine, as well as defined curl, but you will love the outcome sooner than later.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, that has been helpful in giving you an idea of how best to care for your 4c hair.

As you can see it’s not that tricky and is actually less about the individual products and more about the process.

Keeping your hair well-conditioned and moisturized is the key.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Let us know below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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